How This Preacher Spends His Time

Recently, a new lady in our Church asked me, “What do you do through the week?” At first, I felt slightly offended, but the longer I thought about it, I understood how she could have no idea. Most of my work is done away from the public eye, so most people have no clue what I do. 

Let me share with you where most of my time goes.

1. Personal Development. My number one priority is my walk with God. I spend time reading my Bible, praying, reading books, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and in personal reflection. I am a deeply flawed person who relies on God’s grace to get me through every week, and I need to be reminded of God’s truth daily. 

2. Sermon Writing. I spend a few hours on Monday and all day Tuesday writing what I will say on Sunday. It takes research, thought, writing, and rewriting.

3. Church Leadership. I meet with the Church office administrator almost daily, elders’ meetings, staff meetings, board meetings, and ministry meetings. I spend hours planning events, completing projects, ordering supplies, and casting vision with individuals. 

4. People Stuff. I have all kinds of interactions I am involved in every week. These can range from membership class follow-up to senior adult luncheons, wedding planning, Biblical advice, and hospital visits. There is a string of people through my office each week, along with connections made in my home. 

5. Worship planning. I pick out the videos we use in worship along with most of the songs. I work with a group of people who plan Easter, Christmas, and any special event. In addition, I secure people for communion thoughts and any special activities. My wife helps me a lot as the musician in the family, but I spend hours working on what will happen Sunday morning.    

6. Miscellaneous Projects. There are a host of activities that I do not do regularly but manage to fill up my time. Recently, the Church put together a coffee bar. I messaged with people and got advice, was given donations, went to purchase items, and then put it all together. Sometimes I arrange meals or possibly dream about the next thing. I never lack something to fill my time. 

This week I sat down and put all of my notes for projects into a single document, and it filled two whole pages. We live in a time of unlimited opportunities, and I am trying to do as much for the kingdom as possible. I aim to work forty hours weekly and donate 1-10 hours more. I am asking people in the Church to work full-time and serve in their free time. It would be disrespectful to them and dishonoring to my God for me to do any less.       


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