More Bible

Does adding more Bible verses to a sermon or lesson make it more valid?

Does adding verses out of context make a sermon or lesson more Biblical?

Adding verses, perhaps numerous ones, out of context and with little explanation may sound good, but often it adds little to the overall content of the material.

Biblical messages honestly handle the Bible within its historical and theological context. They walk through the literary and immediate context in which it is written. They ask questions about the material and listen with open hearts and minds to what God is teaching us through that text.

A lady once told me she was going to another Church because the preacher there was more Biblical in his preaching. I curiously asked what she meant, and she said, “He quotes so much scripture in each sermon.” I smiled and said, “I pray you will be blessed there,” but I felt like saying, “Quoting more verses does not make it more Biblical; it just sounds that way.”


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