Another Lousy Post

The things I write are all received differently.

Thanks to my publishing program on WordPress, I can see which posts are visited the most, get the most likes, and are shared by people. Some of my writings generate significant interest, while others get almost no attention.

But I aim to keep writing one lousy post after another until one hits home with people. 

I suggest that whatever you do for the Lord, keep doing it over and over. Even when you feel like you are not doing it well, keep working. You never know when God will use something you did dramatically. 

The greatest hymn writers in history often wrote thousands of songs only to have one or two that endured. Great preachers often speak thousands of times before that one message has a dramatic impact. Some painters have painted hundreds of pictures before they get the one that takes your breath away. Many writers will put together multiple books before they sell more than a few hundred copies. The list of people and professions that require perseverance is long.    

This post may be another lousy attempt at connecting with people, but if I keep working, maybe the next one will be better.

Keep doing your best at whatever you do; you never know when you will do something that God uses significantly. 


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