A Commercial I Hate

I saw a commercial for the new iPhone while watching TV the other day. First off, the setting is hilarious. There is a race with a bunch of schoolboys. They are at a fair or some outdoor event. The course is dirt, and no one is appropriately dressed for a footrace. Second, there is a big crowd to watch a handful of boys run a few yards.

As the boys line up, one boy looks at his mom, standing equal to the starting line with her new phone, ready to film the race. The mom then runs at the same speed as the boy sideways while holding her phone and filming. She runs in front of everyone, and many of them are filming too. She runs into people, hits a lady, steps in a mud puddle, and makes everyone get out of her way. Finally, the boy wins the race, and the video is perfect because of a new feature that eliminates shaking.

What upsets me about it is the utter self-absorption of the woman. It appears that no other adult or child matters. She gives no thought to anyone else, and no one calls her on it. It is an advertisement that promotes selfishness, and I hate it.

One of the lessons I tried to teach my children is what we call the golden rule. It is found in the Sermon on the Mount delivered by Jesus in Matthew. “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” (Matthew 7:12 – NIV 2011)

As followers of Jesus, we are aware of the people around us, and we treat them in a way that glorifies God. That means we should never run in front of people, pushing them out of the way for selfish reasons. Instead, we are to be people who let others in front of us.

I know it is just a phone commercial, but don’t let that mindset quietly slip into you subconsciously. They are also selling a story, and the people of God should not buy into it.


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