Same Old Topics

If you read my blog regularly, it is possible you have seen multiple posts on the same topics. As I did a little searching of my writing, I discovered that sometimes things written years apart are almost identical.

This happens because I have come to emphasize only a handful of topics in my ministry. Of course, I want to preach and teach from the “whole counsel of God,” but within my life and context, a few issues always appear. 

Most of what I say and write fall under the categories of Jesus, the Bible, conversion, discipleship, and life as a follower of Jesus, particularly in the Church. I don’t often address things such as end times, apologetics, time management, psychological issues, money management, counseling, parenting, and current events. These are not the essential ministry God has given to me. I will handle them when necessary or when I feel God has given me something to say. My primary focus is on following Jesus and how we live together as a community of believers.

The question is not, “Why doesn’t Matt address everything?”; instead, it is “What is the main message God has laid on your heart?”

If each one of us speaks with informed knowledge about the passions given to us by Jesus, then as a Christian community, together, we will completely share the message of faith. 


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