Which List?

For every life decision, we can create a Pro and Con list. There are numerous reasons to move this way and often as many to move that way. This is true in every area of life, including your spiritual journey.

Should you attend this Church or not? What about that Sunday or that event? Should you do this activity at Church or not? Should you join this small group or not? Should you invite that couple over or not? Is it a good idea to step out on faith and do this?

The list could go on and on of choices you could make for your spiritual life and walk. There are multiple reasons to move toward growth and an equal number of excuses to move away. The question is not which Pro or Con list is longer. The question is, which list are you going to focus on? 

If you want to live by faith, the con list does not matter because your ultimate focus is becoming more like Jesus. And nothing less is acceptable.

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