Amazon Prayers

My tendency is to wait to order something until I need it. Amazon has reinforced this habit. With my prime membership, I can order almost anything and have it in two days. Last week the Church secretary ordered something in the morning, and it arrived on the doorstep by that night.

Because I live in a culture where everything seems accessible in 48 hours or less, I offer Amazon Prayers.

“God, I need something, and I need it right away. Thanks, in the name of Jesus.”

If God is greater than Amazon, he should have the same customer service or better. I want it now, in this color and at the lowest price.

Unfortunately, that is not how God works. God is more like ordering something a hundred years ago. It will take a long time, and you are never exactly sure when it will arrive. God works more like a covered wagon than an Amazon delivery truck.

The good news is that when God finally delivers, the product will be handmade, not plastic junk. It will be of the highest quality, and your joy will be enduring. Things that come on short notice from Amazon are usually great for an immediate desire, but they are not the type of product God delivers that meets our deepest needs.


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