Just Don’t

She did something foolish. He looked at her, and she responded, “Just Don’t!” 

He said, “Don’t what?”  She glared and stated, “Don’t think it, don’t feel it, and don’t say it.”

The other day I was listening to a Christian rationalize their behaviors, and I thought, “Just Don’t.”

Don’t tell me you believe everything in your Bible, and then don’t read it.

Don’t say you love the Church and then rarely attend.

Don’t try to explain to me how much you need Jesus and then not pray regularly.

Don’t exclaim how the God of the Bible is the only god worthy of praise and then not sing on Sunday.

Don’t say Jesus and his death on the cross are the center of your life and then willingly miss taking communion with the body of believers.

Don’t proudly state how much you long for heaven and then not work to experience the kingdom of God on earth. 

The list of things I have heard through the years could go on and on. Everyone (including me) has a series of things they say that do not line up with their life. Whenever our eyes are opened to a new area of hypocrisy, we need to speak to ourselves, “Just Don’t.”


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