Walking Through Darkness

Recently I spent a little more than twelve days walking through personal darkness.

I could feel some of my issues coming on me. I had let myself get physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired. A few long days of work, a couple of big meetings, a little travel, and the culmination of months of prayer came together all at once. When the last event happened, I could feel the downward spiral into a personal crash.

Through the first phase of my struggle, I recognized my need for self-care. I want to be successful in my job, and I believe what I do is significant. So I push myself to pour my soul into every project, meeting, and sermon. Self-care is a big topic nowadays, and there is truth in the need to care for your own soul.

Situations beyond my control brought on the second part of my darkness. Other people had said and done things that hurt me. Almost nothing was done on purpose. Mistakes were made, and their struggles overflowed into my life.

During this time, I called other people to pray for me because of my darkness. I realized my need for a few people to support me spiritually. I did not have to try and make it alone. Sometimes the best action when drowning is to signal to others for help. While they physically did not do anything that benefited me. Their prayers have strengthened my faith and helped me to keep moving forward.

Whenever I share stories like this, I know a few people will not understand, and some will be critical and point out all my weaknesses as a pastor. But I am reminded of the Apostle Paul, who said he would glory in his weakness because that is when Jesus is strong. His power is made perfect in our weakness. I know that is true.

2 thoughts on “Walking Through Darkness

  1. I call on other Christians to pray for me. It is a blessing knowing I have their support during trying times or situations. I’m thankful for also calling on the Holy Spirit when I’m not certain how to or what to pray. God has given us many avenues. We just need to use them.

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