My Basic Leadership Convictions

I recognize that I am not a great leader. Nevertheless, I do my best to fulfill the role God has placed me in. That means I read numerous books and articles on Church leadership. I have attended conferences, taken classes, and listened to every type of teaching to try and get better. And yet, I know numerous people do not like how I lead. 

I have learned to be okay with disdain from others regarding my leadership. There is room in the Church for different opinions on matters of methods. But I have developed a few leadership convictions through the years about how I will lead and what I will encourage other people to do as well.

1. IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS. My single goal as a leader is to make Jesus famous – not myself or my Church. I live and serve to make him happy.

2. SERVE HARD. Christian leadership is servant leadership. So I choose to serve with all my might. I refuse to let anyone out serve me.   

3. GIVE OTHERS GLORY. This one has been hard for me at times. I share an idea with someone, and they take off with it. Other people praise their vision and dreams. The whole time I knew that it was all MY idea. Instead of demanding praise, I attempt to keep the light on the other person.

4. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. The old saying is, “The buck stops here.”  It is true. As a leader, I am often blamed for things I had no part in creating. I feel like a parent protecting their children. I am big enough to handle it, so let me take the blame.

5. RESULTS ARE HARD TO MEASURE. People will come and go. Lives will be changed and then revert to a mess. People may not respond for years. I will never fully know the impact of my life till I stand before Jesus.

*Bonus – BE PATIENT. Ministry is not like killing snakes. It is a long slow process. Some things take years to develop. This can drive some leaders crazy while making some Church members mad.  

I am sure I will fail as a leader and upset more people in the future. But know that most of my decisions come from these fundamental convictions.


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