How Many Times?

How many times must something be stated in the Bible before it is true?

Is one verse enough? Is five or six of them enough? Does it need a minimum of ten passages before we accept it as God’s will?

The trouble is that many things are only mentioned one time. John wrote his Gospel account later than Matthew, Mark, and Luke, so he included stories not already circulating. As a result, many of the stories you will read in John are recorded nowhere else in Scripture. Does that make his account of Jesus invalid?

Some of Jesus’ most famous sayings are only mentioned two or three times. “Turn the other cheek” is a principle only given twice. “Love your enemies” gets three whole verses. Does that make them less significant?

It is wise to take anything found in the Bible and trust it, even if it is listed only once.

Importance is found in the fact that it is in the Bible, not the number of times it is mentioned.


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