Where Did the Time Go?

We have more time-saving devices and tools than any other generation in history. We have smartphones, microwaves, Google, and computers. In addition, thousands of items are specifically designed to help you shave precious minutes off every task. 

Yet, people are busier than at any other point in time. Whenever I talk to people, their common refrain is “I’m busy,” despite all these great new tools.

So where does your time go? And what is filling it up?

Just like you should do a regular financial audit to know where your money is going, you should also do a time audit. You must be aware of where your time is going.

When we stand before God, He will ask us what we did with our resources. How did we spend the money He gave us? How did we use the gifts and abilities He gave us? And how did we use our time?

Your problem is probably not a lack of time; instead, it is a lack of priorities, and you’re wasting a lot of time on things lacking eternal significance. 


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