The Opposite of Blessed

It was a feeling I had never experienced.

The person was telling a story, and they ended by saying, “I was so very blessed” because this happened to me.

They didn’t know that I had taken similar steps in my life. I had done nearly the same things but had a very different outcome.

My feeling was a sickness in my soul. If they got the results they desired and considered themselves blessed, then what does that make me? What does that mean for me if I did the same things and got a very different result?

Is the opposite of blessed defined as being cursed? Is it punished? Am I judged? What is it?

The feeling shook me to my core. All these years, I have referred to people in my sermons as blessed and never realized how that made other people feel.

For Christians, it is essential to say that we are all blessed; others may simply be blessed differently. The blessings in your life may not look like those in mine. In fact, even hardship can be a blessing if it teaches us to love God more along with other people. Every situation and outcome can be a way that God loves us, grows us, and makes us long for more of him.   

When a believer describes themselves as blessed, I think it is important to underline that the opposite is not true. Other people are not cursed. Instead, we are all blessed differently.


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