Relationship Lesson

This week I have been sharing some of the lessons I have learned in the last 6 months. Another relationship lesson that I have learned lately is what I call the “similar demographic myth.” The myth is that for us to build a relationship with someone, they need to be in a similar demographic as me. If I am single, it is best for me to build relationships with singles. If I am part of young married couple, it is best for me to have relationships with young married couples. The same goes for divorced people, elderly people, handicapped, etc. I have seen this myth played out in every Church I have served. Someone visits the Church or even starts attending regularly and then they leave because there is “no one in their age group to connect with.”
I will admit it can be much easier to build relationships with people of similar demographics. You already have something in common and you share common experiences. It can be easier to jump right in and start talking. But here is what I know about life – anything easy is usually not the best.
Lately God is showing me that some of my best relationships are with people outside my demographic. I am learning that these people help me grow because they are from a different place in life. They have the naive outlook of a young person or they have the wisdom brought about by years of life. I am learning to stretch myself and become friends with teenagers, with young marrieds and with older singles. These people enrich my life and give me fresh perspective that is helping me to grow as a person and as a Christian.
Don’t believe the myth just get out there and spend time with people. You will be amazed what you real friends might look like.

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