Second Chance Song

I have had several questions about the title of this blog. People seem confused that I am pastor at Homer Christian Church and yet it is entitled “Second Chance Pastor.” Please let me explain. I chose the name of this blog because I have found in life that everyone makes huge mistakes and then they want a chance to start over and do it right. I believe that this second chance is called grace and it is found in Jesus Christ. No matter what Church I serve, I will always be a pastor of grace. I live in that reality and celebrate it daily.
As a result I am always looking for ideas and illustrations of second chances. Recently I was watching a horrible movie and I heard a song in the background. I looked it up and found a Paul Simon’s song called “Rewrite” from his latest CD. Here is the opening line:

I’m workin’ on my rewrite, that’s right
Gonna change the ending

A song about a man trying to rewrite his life. That is the sound of a second chance.

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