What Your Preacher is Thinking

This past Sunday I was sitting in Church and thinking about all of the stuff that happens on Sunday morning. Then yesterday I decided to blog about all of the things I am thinking on Sunday morning.

1. GOD, please show up. I start every Sunday morning with a shower and then I hit my knees in prayer. I believe that every Sunday morning is a waste of time unless God blesses our time together.

2. I hope people show up. There is this fear every Sunday morning that everyone will quit or go on vacation or just sleep in and it will be just me and my family.

3. Is the sound and slide show working well? I am always interested in all the extra pops, crackles and squeaks. I also keep a close eye on what is on the screen – typo’s, misspellings and other issues.

4. What is happening next and who is doing it? With multiple people involved in every program I need to make sure everyone is there and doing their responsibility.

5. What was my sermon outline again? I try to memorize my sermon. I usually don’t need notes, but I take up an extended outline every week. This helps me in case #3 or #4 go wrong and I lose track of my sermon.

6. Is there anything I can say that will help people want to return? With #2 always on my mind I try to address future sermons, events and issues so that the people might return.

7. Who do I need to talk to? Who do I want to talk to? Are there any people I need or want to catch before they leave the Church building today? If so, where are they?

8. Wow. Another Sunday morning has come and gone – and not everything went as planned. This may shock you. I slip into a mild depression at the end of every Sunday morning. I feel like a quarterback after a game and replay every minute.

9. God, Thanks for showing up in some people’s lives. I am amazed every week at the handful of people whose lives were touched, instructed, encouraged, challenged and more – all because of one worship program.

10. What’s for lunch and how long till I can get a nap? I am human just like everyone else. (Not that you thought any different) I don’t eat anything on Sunday morning so that I do not get sick. I used to eat but my nerves did not like it and I would often feel nauseated. Immediately after Church I am thirsty and hungry, I am also tired. I feel like I have run a marathon. I know that once I eat I will want to sleep.

I don’t know if these are true for every preacher, but I know they are true for me. In the first years of ministry I would get violently ill every Sunday morning. Diarrhea was the norm and I usually felt like vomiting. Sorry, it’s true. I have slowing gotten over that, but Sunday’s mornings are still the “Superbowl” for me every week.

Oh, several months a year I look forward to getting home and watching the Packers:)

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