All Things New

This week has been rather crazy for me. With all the back to school specials I decided to get a new computer for me to use for work. As most of you know – there is great excitement in getting a new tool slash toy to use. I will not lie, I was as excited as my kids when they get something new.

Well, it arrived on Tuesday and I have spent the rest of the week trying to get everything set up. First, it is an HP laptop and that is the first HP I have ever owned. I few things on the keyboard or different. Next, it has Windows 8. It is very different from the previous versions of windows and I am not sure I like it. Third, all of my old software has to be moved or repurchased.

My new computer has resulted in a long and frustrating week.

All this made me think about the plea of Christianity. In Jesus was have this great promise that we will be new creatures. God will transform the old junk in our lives and make all things new. It sounds like a great promise. We are like me opening a new computer. Then the new becomes a job. We have to rethink the way we do everything. Some habits need to be dumped and other need to be handled differently. After becoming a Christian it can be a frustrating experience.

I am sure that with time I will come to love my new computer. I spent all this money and I kind of have to. But Christianity, will it always be hard or will it get better? I firmly believe it will get better with time and practice.

I really believe the message of Christianity is a wonderful message, sometimes I just need to be remind that change is always hard.

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