Made Me Laugh

I believe that children should be active in their service of God. As a result I try to get my kids involved in my work as a pastor all the time. A couple of months ago I had my youngest son (10 years old) help label a bunch of CD’s for upcoming programs. He wrote on the master CD the name of the upcoming sermon off of a list I provided him. He looked through the list and wrote on each CD with a black Sharpie marker the title and the date.

As I worked through the stack of CD’s they have been cute to look at his childish handwriting. Then I got to this week’s sermon. It is entitled “I’ve Got a Friend Who … Is Drifting Away From God.” I laughed out loud (literally) when I read what he had written. He wrote “I’ve Got a Friend Who … Is Drinking Away From God.”

So depending on which title I use for my sermon, this week could be fun:)

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