Things Your Pastor May Not Want You To Know

Yesterday I ended up getting very upset at some people in my Pop Warner football organization. Last night I lied awake in bed and replayed every word I said. I hate the attitude that I had but I have been pushed and pushed lately. As I replayed this in my head I started having a secondary thought – What would people say if they knew how I (as a Pastor) had acted? That lead me to come up with today’s title.

This may not be true of every pastor, but I know it is true of a few – especially me.

1. Sometimes I get really mad. In the last 4 years I can count at least 6 times that I have had a meltdown. Twice it has been fairly public. I wish this were not true of me, but I have strong emotions and when I get pushed and pushed, or worse, when my family gets pushed, I get angry.

2. Sometimes I dislike certain people. A pastor friend of mine is sometimes called into Churches as a consultant when they are experiencing difficulties. One of the things he does is ask people to raise their hand if there is one person in their life that they really do not like. Usually almost everyone raises their hand. He then says, “If that is true of all of you, do you think it might be true of your Pastor?” Sorry, it is true.

3. I fight hard to like people somedays. I often get to see and experience people at their worst. I see how couples treat each other behind closed doors. I hear the lies people tell in public after I find out the truth in counseling. I could go on and on. Some days it is hard for me to like people. I have to continually fight with my heart to see the best and think the best of people.

4. I have bad days. There are days in my life when I see the glass as half empty. Things break at my house, kids disobey, I don’t get enough sleep and on and on. It is hard to be a pastor when things feel like they are falling apart.

5. I desperately need second chances. The reason I preach about grace and second chances in Jesus so much is because of my life experiences. Last night as I lay awake all I could think is, “God please forgive my lousy attitude.” Pastors and preachers are people saved by grace just like everyone else.

So if you are a Christ follower and you know of a time that your Pastor didn’t act like a Christian. Can I ask that you would forgive him his sin. Can I ask that you would forgive me?


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