Back to Church Sunday

A few years ago Outreach Marketing starting promoting that the Sunday that is one or two weeks after Labor Day is “Back to Church Sunday.” Their research showed that people often start skipping Church in the summer and once the labor day holiday is over they often start returning. In an effort to help this process along they designed a “big day” campaign called “Back to Church Sunday.”
Outreach Marketing’s website says that over 21,000 Churches have signed up to participate. Well, I did not sign up formally, but I think going back to Church this Sunday is great. In fact, I think going back to Church any Sunday is a great idea.

Let me give you three reasons I think going back to Church this Sunday is a good idea:

1. You need Christian relationships in your life. All of us need people to speak truth and grace into our lives.

2. You need a place to learn about God. There is no other place that I know of that is wrestling with significant and eternal issues every week. Each week Churches speak about love, marriage, parenting, heaven, change, and dozens of other big issues. Churches can challenge and encourage and strengthen you no matter what you are going through.

3. You need a place that promotes grace and second chances. The essential message of the Church is about forgiveness, mercy and grace that are found in Jesus Christ. You are not just trying to forget or even do better next time, instead the message is that you can have a clean slate before God and a chance to do it right with His help.

Yes, the Church is full of messed up people and not everything is perfect. Honestly, no organization on planet earth is even close to perfect. But the Church is the only place that tries its best to consistently give you the three things above. Maybe you should go this Sunday for the first time or maybe you should go back to Church. Either way, just go!

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