I recently asked a lady if she would be willing to do something for a volunteer organization I am a part of (not the Church). Her response was “no” because she was a part of another organization in the summer and she wanted to do one thing well and nothing more.
I understand her point clearly and in some ways agree with it, but I also think that it can be an excuse for not pushing ourselves. I am currently pastor at this church, plus the Pop Warner president, plus a volunteer professor at ABI, plus president of the local ministerial alliance and I am currently coaching 7th grade basketball. I believe I do each one of these tasks well and still find time to do a few things I enjoy.
I am reminded of a line from Ben Franklin that I read several years ago. He said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” His point is simple; busy people are doers. They may not be the most organized but they are active all the time and they usually get things done. That is why they are busy.

Here are my thoughts on being busy. These are my notes from the field:)

1. Be sure God is first. If you wait till the end, He will never fit into your schedule.
2. Include your family. My family is a huge part of every activity I do. I use these opportunities to teach and develop my boys into men and leaders. I also like for my wife to see what I am doing.
3. Schedule everything as much as you can. I set aside certain days and times for certain activities. Unfortunately, lately blogging has been lower on the list.
4. Remember that sometimes, good enough is good enough. Each week I have to say to myself, “Okay, it is time to be done with that task.” This is true even when I am not 100% happy.
5. Let God handle the outcome. Honestly, this is the lesson I am trying to learn right now. I do my best and I have to let God handle the details. This is hard for a control freak like me, but I am trying.

While it is true that many people need to say “No” to more things. I also believe it is true that some people need to say “Yes” to more things. I firmly believe that volunteers make the world go round, and groups need you to give your time.


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