While having a conversation with a local pastor about his Church, I realized I knew the family he was talking about in his story. In fact, I had several conversations with this family myself. As I listened to the pastor’s side of the story I quickly realized it was very different from the story I knew.
Unfortunately this experience is far too common and we end up with only half of the truth.
Let me be clear, neither person was lying to me. The basic facts were the exact same. The difference was in feelings about the experience and the overall perception of what happened. Each side of the story was giving the truth as they remembered it mixed with their own personal emotion and perspective. That is when things get clouded.
My fear is that far too many people believe everything they hear, especially in Church. Maybe that is why the Bible lists gossip and spreading rumors as sins. There is the potential in every story we tell to only be giving half of the truth.
So let me offer this one simple word of advice to everyone: Get both sides of the story. Before you tell another negative story about a Church, a pastor or anyone in the Church, be sure you have heard the story from both parties involved. Then make a decision about what really happened. Finally, keep your mouth shut about the whole situation.


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