Wonderful Week

The past 7 days have been a wonderful experience for me. You may not care, but I wanted to share anyway.

First – the whether in Homer, Alaska has been amazing lately. I picture perfect fall so far.

Last Thursday was Halloween. I started the day by teaching my class at ABI. I ended the day with my two younger boys trick-or-treating for a while and bringing home lots of candy to share.

Then Friday – My youngest son had his 11th birthday. Michelle took the day off and we played and enjoyed the entire day. It was one of those days you never want to end. I truly love my family.

On Saturday I ended up not needing to go to a basketball game and we had a free day. Slept in, ate late, did some chores and enjoyed another day outside metal detecting and playing.

Ended the day by setting the clocks back. I will never understand this in Alaska but we still practice Daylight Savings time. I do enjoy getting an extra hour of sleep. I do not look forward to the spring though!

Sunday was a wild and wonderful day. We had lots of guests with us for worship. That is always nice. Then I had a unique experience. During the sermon there was a high-pitched squeak. I finally had to stop the sermon while people looked for the noise. It ended up being a person shaking their leg and causing two chairs to rub together. This person is a little hard of hearing and could not hear the high-pitched squeak. The odd twist is that God used it for good by causing everyone to be wide awake and on full alert. God then used the second half of my sermon to touch the lives a several people. It was a “total God thing.”

The afternoon was another beautiful day I spent outside with my two youngest boys and my wife. We enjoyed metal detecting, throwing the football and a walk. It was just another picture perfect day.

This morning I was up early so my older boys could play basketball. It is quiet here in the building and I am getting a lot done. This should be another wonderful week.

Praise God for all he has done and all he has given us.


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