This past weekend I was listening to a new video I purchased from one of my favorite comedians. After I finished listening I wanted to hear more of his comedy, so I went to Youtube and searched his name for more videos. I found an appearance he made on the David Letterman show. I was watching and enjoying what I was hearing, then I scrolled down to the comments section while I was listening. There I was surprised to read through the comments because about every other one was very negative. People didn’t like the comedy, they didn’t like delivery and others didn’t like anything.

This experienced reminded me of two things. One, whatever you do in life there will always be critics. Not everyone will like what you do. That’s okay, do it anyway.

The second thought of mine was based upon further review. I re-watched through the presentation and there were problems with the delivery. Some of the jokes were not as polished as they were on the video I had purchased. I could honestly see why some of the critics made their comments. Then I thought about the need for second chances. Sometimes a second chance comes through forgiveness but sometimes they just come by us standing up and trying again. God gives us a new day and a new chance to simply do better.

Not everything we do is done perfectly, thank God for another day to try and do better this time.


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