This past weekend I watched two very similar events that ended up looking nothing alike.

First, my wife loves to watch cooking shows. Often at night I read or lately I am on the computer working on my class or just surfing Ebay. During this time my wife loves to watch all kinds of cooking shows. She is looking for new ideas and tips on old recipes. One night I noticed how smooth everything goes on these shows. It makes cooking seem like such a joy.

Second, I watched my wife actually cooking. Let me be honest, it doesn’t look as smooth and such a joy. To begin with she doesn’t have the luxury of making just one item at a time. Next, she doesn’t always have the ingredients in the place she thinks they should be stored. Can you imagine a cooking show spending 10 minutes just looking for the misplaced olive oil? Then when she does find the ingredients, there may not be the right amount. For example, imagine an unthinking husband drinking all the milk before the desert was to be made. (Hypothetically speaking, of course!) What would Rachel Ray say if her husband did such a thing? Finally, I notice that they are never distracted on TV. My wife was trying to help with homework, have a conversation with me and wash dishes at the same time she cooks.

In the end, the meal was delicious. Great ham, delicious potatoes and cookies to die for were the end result. But all this has me thinking about how doing something in reality is far more difficult than others make it look. Faith may look easy in some people’s lives, but it may be messy for you. Love may come easy for some, but it may be difficult for you. Life may seem like a joy filled ride for some, but for you there are many twists, turns and difficulties. Just remember that real life is always more difficult than it appears for others but with perseverance the end product can be just as sweet.

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