Do Something

In the last two days I have experiences that made me think deeply about people.
First, at a Jr. High Basketball game on Monday night there was a boy for the other team who fell and hit his nose on the floor. The moment he rolled over screaming I jumped up and ran to get an ice pack. I then ran to the boy and saw his nose bleeding profusely. Next, I ran to the bench looking for a medical kit (each team is required to have one on hand). Let me say, I have no medical knowledge and can’t stand the sight of blood. It makes me “freak out,” but this boy needed help. I put my emotions aside and sought help until finally one person with some knowledge helped the boy stop his nose bleed and got him patched up.
What caught me off guard about this experience is that not one other person jumped to do anything. Everyone just sat motionless in the stands. No one even appeared to inquire if they could help. In fact, one man who I know who works as a part-time EMT just stood there on the sideline. Only one other person did anything.
The next experience was a lot less traumatic. At the end of last week I noticed the basketball net was breaking on the main floor. Another coach said that we should do something. Then the I overheard the girl’s teams coaches saying that something needed to be done just before practice. Well, before we took over the main gym I had my son grab a ladder and we changed out the net. I laughed about how many people knew something needed to be done, but no one did anything.
Both of these incidents have me thinking about people. Too many of us want to sit back and do nothing about problems. We will talk about them and we will sit back and watch what happens, but we will never do anything about them. In fact, I have seen numerous people whose lives have some form of struggle and they don’t do anything about it. Unfortunately, many of us refuse to do something that might improve our own lives or the lives of people we know and love. My plea is that today you would get up and do something that will bring about a change for good in life.


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