No Direct Path TO God

Over the past few months I have listened to numerous personal testimonies as part of my Evangelism class. This is in addition to all of the testimonies I have heard through the years, plus those I continue of I hear on podcasts. Last week while listening to someone’s story a thought hit me like never before. Here it is, “There is no direct path to God.” By that I mean that there is no one way that people come to faith. No two people’s journey of faith looks alike. There are no steps one through five for everyone to follow.
Each one of us comes to God through our own set of unique circumstances. Some people come to Jesus through their parents (both good and bad), some come through friends, some from a big event, some through books, some through service, and I could literally go on and on. Some reject God for years and others have never rejected him. Some people come through love and others through frustration.
Yes, I do believe the Bible gives us firm markers in our acceptance of faith like confession and baptism. But the actions that lead us to those markers are very different for each person. As I listen to people’s stories I am more and more convinced that everyone’s journey is unique. Therefore, each one of us needs to understand the next step on our journey. Each of us needs to individually evaluate our current location and then the steps we need to take on this journey with God.
For years I have felt discouragement that my life did not look like other pastors. I have struggled as a Christian because my story was nothing like others. Lately I am resting in the fact that God is moving me through my own story for the sake of His glory.


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