Learning about Myself

Yesterday, I did something I have very rarely done. I slept in on Sunday morning. Normally I rise about 7:00 (or earlier) and get ready for Church. I drive to the Church building alone and there I pray and finally practice my sermon. I usually finish about the time the worship team shows up to practice. When they are done I teach Sunday School and then go right into worship. Well, yesterday I knew through several scheduling conflicts that most people were going to end up missing Sunday School, so I canceled it. On top of that, my family was leading worship for the Sunday so they decided to practice on Saturday. All of this together meant that we did not have to be at the Church building until 10:30 for worship. For my family that meant we could all sleep until almost 9:00 am. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but I only get to sleep in on Sunday once or twice a year on vacation. This was a special treat for us to enjoy. And to be honest, I started the day off rested and feeling great. That is, until we got to Church.
Then the worship seemed to be out of sync. Things did not flow real well. Finally my mind was struggling to get through the sermon. I stammered and struggled through the material unlike I have in a long time. After the program I was talking to my wife and we both stated how the day seemed awkward just by getting a late start.
All of this has made me realize what my weekly routine does for me. It gets me in a groove. The timing, the practice, the memory of my sermon all come together naturally. When the routine is thrown off, my brain struggles to adjust. I can honestly say I never really knew this about myself. I never completely understood how important it is to develop a Sunday routine in order for me to function properly.
Then I began to wonder about other people. Maybe that is why some weeks people seem engaged to learn and others want to sleep. Maybe that is why some people are here early and others arrive late. Maybe the difference between experiencing a great Sunday and a not-so-great Sunday is what each of us do before we arrive.
What if you were to take that one Sunday you truly loved and recreate your routine for that week. Would it change Sunday morning for us? Knowledge of yourself may help you to learn better the knowledge of the Holy.

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