In every Church that I have served as leader I have heard a common complaint. It is that “I just don’t feel connected to other people.” Often it is stated by people leaving the Church as “We don’t feel connected to other people.” I recently heard this kind of a statement again and so it has me thinking a great deal about the connections that we make in Church. So, over the next few posts I am going to be sharing a few thoughts on getting connected at Church (or anywhere for that matter.

First lesson – Most connections begin in the margins.

I wish that I could say that there was a specific event or activity that would bring people together, but there is no such thing. Small groups can help people get connected. Fun activities and special events can help you get connected. But being involved in either of those does not guarantee you will develop relationships with other people.

Instead, what I have found to be true is that the best connections begin around the edges of my programs and activities. What I mean by that is simple. The people who show up early and talk to others, will get connected faster. The people who stay late and talk to other people will get connected faster. The people who linger in the lobby for a time are more likely to meet people they will connect too.

Almost without fail, the people who complain about not being connected to other people in the congregation are those who arrive late or leave early (or both.) I firmly believe that if you want to get connected then you need to plan a few more minutes with every program than you need. It will be the first step toward the connections you are looking for.

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