More on Christian Connections

Last week I wrote a post about making connections in the Church over HERE . I had hoped to write a lot more, but I have busy. So today I want to follow-up with some more thoughts on making connections with other believers.

1. Don’t Eat Alone – Each one of us has to eat everyday. What if we used that time for making connections? Invite someone over to eat with your family at night or on the weekends. Take someone out to lunch and spend some time visiting together. Use this everyday opportunity to make a connection with another person or family.

2. Start Somewhere – The greatest relationships in my life were started over a conversation about math, small talk over a meal and a conversation about moving to Alaska.

3. You will have to take the initiative – Every relationship runs two ways. Your phone will call them. Your email will go to them. Your vehicle will drive across town. If you wait for people to come to you, you will rarely form deep relationships.

4. Allow yourself enough time – Through the years a number of people have walked through the Church doors and left within a year because they didn’t have any relationships. I usually tell them that they do have relationships but they simply are not “deep” yet because they haven’t had enough time. Think about it, “How long have you known your best friend?” I bet it has been a long time.

These are some of my thoughts on making connections in the Church. I hope they will help you as you think about your relationships.

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