Don’t Quote Me On That

I hate most quotes. Some are unique one-liners, but most are not. Quotes can be pulled out of context. Quotes can be misused. As a result I use them on an extremely rare basis.

Once in Iowa I conducted a 20 minute phone interview on a topic for the local newspaper. I was happy how the interview went and was excited to read the article. When I went and picked up the paper I found that I was only quoted 2-3 times and all of them were sadly misused. After that I vowed I would rarely use a quote unless I knew the context.

Another time I had a group of teenagers take my sermons and cut them apart and mash them up into a new sermon for me. They took some lines about sin, about abortion, about marriage and made a funny and shocking story. Once again, I was quoted exactly, but way out of context.

So please, be careful if you quote someone. Try to find the context of what was said and why it was said.

Finally, knowing my dislike of quotes I bought a T-shirt that I am wearing today with a quote on it. It says, and I quote:

“The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re not always accurate” – Abraham Lincoln

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