Two Evangelistic Lessons

This Sunday I finish a two-week series on evangelism. Last fall I taught on this topic at a local Bible institute and as any teacher will tell you, “I learned as much from the students as I taught them.” Well, after the class was over I boiled down the two biggest lessons I learned and turned it into a two-part sermon series called “Eats With Sinners.”

Last week I started the series by talking about the first problem the students encountered. All of them believe that other people need to know Jesus but many of them have no relationships with anyone outside of the Church. There is a huge disconnect between what we say about the importance of sharing our faith and the number of people we are actually sharing it with.

This week I am talking about the second problem I encountered. All of them want to share their faith but they have no idea how to do it. They are willing to make friends with non-Christians but they never get to the explanation of the gospel.

I believe that both of these problems not only exist at this Bible Institute but that they are present in each and every Church.

Think about your life. Are either of these true of you? What about your Church?

The next couple days I will look for answers.

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