Evangelistic Help – part 1

In my last post I stated that one of the biggest problem most of us have in sharing our faith is that we have no relationships with non-Christians. How do we solve that problem?

I believe there are two simple answers.

1. Jesus was a friend of sinners.

Jesus moved outside of religious circles to connect with people who needed the forgiveness he offered. Are we willing to do the same? But Jesus took it a step further, he ate with tax collectors and “sinners.” He opened up his life with a group of people and treated them as important.

Let me ask you: “When was the last time you ate with a non-Christian?”

2. Jesus purposely shared his life

The best story to illustrate this point is in John 4:1-26. There Jesus encounters a woman at a well. In this encounter I see several possible points of application of how we can make connections with non-Christians.

A) Adjust your life pattern – Jesus went to the well at noon; not the normal practice of the day.

B) Start a conversation – There was no technology to hide behind, Jesus talked to people.

C) Look for the meaning behind their questions – The woman wants to talk about water and worship, but Jesus knows she is searching for love. The kind of deep love that only God can give.

In John 4 Jesus moves from being a stranger to this woman to being her messiah. There is nothing really miraculous about the story or anything that appears beyond our capabilities. It is a simple story about how one man opens up his life and is able to connect with another person. Let me ask you, “When have you done the same?”

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