Evangelistic Help – part 2

I have been in a short series of blogs that are a synopsis of my current sermon series. The sermon series is based on the two biggest lessons I learned while teaching a class on evangelism at a local Bible institute.

Both of the lessons are applicable to all of us in the Church. First, I see the need for us to connect to non-Christians. Second, there is a need for the ability to communicate the gospel to those non-Christians. As a pastor friend of mine used to say, “Lifestyle evangelism is often more about lifestyle than evangelism.”

So – imagine you have made a new friend and they are genuinely interested in your faith. You now have a chance to share the story of Jesus for someone, maybe for the first time. How do you do it?

Here are three suggestions:

1. Use your story – One of the easiest ways to teach the gospel is to personalize it. Every person’s story has three essential parts: A) Where my life was before Jesus B) How I came to accept Jesus as my Savior C) How my life has been different since I made Jesus my Savior. Usually the other person will connect to one part of the story and what helped lead you to faith may help lead them.

2. Use a proven method of sharing the faith – Often we feel like we need to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to evangelism. This is simply not true. People have been sharing the gospel for years and years and have come up with some good ways. I suggest “The Bridge Illustration” of the gospel, the “Roman Road,” “Evangelism Explosion” questions, “Four Spiritual Laws” or (a new one to me) “The Wordless Book.” You can Google anyone of these and numerous websites will walk you through how to use them. Sometimes the old ways are best.

3. Use the Church as a resource – We do not have to share our faith alone. We can use staff members, elders, deacons, small group leaders, or any number of people in the Church to help us. You can invite a friend to an evangelistic event like Easter or Christmas and the gospel will be explained for you. You might simply ask someone to help you. You are a part of a body – it is okay to use it.

These are some of the ways I have shared my faith in Jesus through the years. Hopefully they will help you overcome one of the biggest obstacles to sharing your faith.

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