Weddings and Marriage

In just a couple of hours a group of ladies will arrive at our Church building and set up everything for a wedding tomorrow morning. I began with clearing the stage of all instruments and most cables. The ladies will arrive with flowers and all kinds of decor. They will spend an enormous amount of time and money putting together a wedding.

Here is the funny thing to me – I see no correlation between how much time, money and energy is put into a wedding and the strength of a marriage. You might think that if the person was putting this much of themselves into a one day celebration that they might put that much into their marriage. It simply isn’t true. There is a vast difference between a wedding and a marriage.

I am a huge believer in marriage and I do not think living together before marriage is a good idea (for many reasons – but that is another post). But you do not honor marriage by making your wedding a bigger and bigger celebration. You honor marriage by making a commitment to one another and then sticking to that commitment for he rest of your life.

So I am happy for this couple. I hope all the money for decorations and dresses and suits and food and music and etc. are enjoyable. But what I really hope for them is a long and happy marriage. May they spend as much energy each year on each other as they do preparing for this one day.

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