A Little Grace (A Second Chance Story)

A pastor friend of mine has had a dramatic fall and winter. His son is in his second year of college and this year met a girl and they began dating. Then late last fall they found out that she was pregnant. The boy confessed this to his parents. Together the boy and girl confessed it to the Church congregation they were attending at college. Then began a process of prayer and discussion. For them, aborting the baby was not an option. Should they get married? Yes. They finally made the decision and were married just as she was starting into her second trimester over the new year break.

The father has been proud of how his child and his girlfriend owned up to their mistakes and prayerfully moved forward with their lives. He is very pleased that gossip and rumors have been squashed as the truth has always been present. But he was most touched by something that happened in the wedding.

Yesterday he was updating a group of pastors and he told us how on their wedding day. They paused and shared their mistakes with everyone present, but how they looked forward to life together as a couple and soon as a family. They thanked everyone for their love and support. Finally they informed everyone that they had come to find out the sex of the baby. They were soon going to be the proud parents of a little girl. Since this little girl was ultimately going to be born because of a mistake they wanted to make sure she knew of the love and support she was going to get and not the condemnation – so they announced they are going to name this new little baby girl “Grace.”

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