Down Time

The past 5 days I have been feeling sick. I had a fever the first day. Then it turned into congestion and finally into a full-blown cough. I have still been able to work a little bit, but I would describe myself as “running in mud.” Whatever I do it seems I move slowly and it takes every ounce of energy I have. Today is the first day I am up and around and running at full strength.

Times like this help me to do a few things:

1. I get the rest I need – I often think that if you do not rest then occasionally God allows you to get sick just so you will be forced to rest. Regular rest is a blessing.

2. It reminds me that I am not God – I know this sounds easy, but I often realize that I try to run the world as if I were God. By that I mean, I feel like I have to handle everything. If I don’t do it then it probably wont get done … or not at the quality I desire. When I have down time, God reminds me that I am not really in charge of anything.

3. I remember to enjoy the little things – Yesterday I was winded just walking up a flight of stairs. My lungs cannot even seem to handle the simplest of things. Then I am reminded how all year-long I take this simple task for granted. All of those things that come so easy to me are once again appreciated when I am sick. God has blessed me in so many ways.

That has me thinking that sometimes God can even use sickness to give us a different outlook on life. So for sickness … I will be thankful.


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