Not As I Planned

I have a very normal routine to my week. I have certain things I do on certain days and I expect to get results. Well, yesterday did not go according to plan.

Let me back up. I live in Alaska and the area I live has a high concentration of arsenic in the ground water. As a result most of us have cisterns somewhere around our house that are filled to provide us with fresh clean water. Personally, I have two 2,000 gallon tanks buried by my house that are filled every three weeks to make sure we never run out of water. With that said, yesterday morning my third son came out of the shower and said, “I think we just ran out of water.”

“What? How could this happen? Surely not!”

Upon investigation I discovered that we truly had run out of water. My wife and I started making calls – water delivery and repair man were first on the list. Long story short, over 5 hours later and two different people looking at the situation and trying to fix it we discovered that one cistern was plugged and not providing water. The other one had been used completely and we ran out.

Now I am looking at digging down to the cistern and finding the blockage so that we can get it working again. It is going to take several hours of digging along with pumping water and who knows what else. The problem is that I had a plan in place to install a new cistern this summer in a room off the back of my garage. Now I have to change my plan completely.

Yesterday afternoon when I was finally able to set down and start working I thought about how my day did not go according to my plan. Then my water system set up did not go as planned. As I reflected longer I remembered how very little in life goes according to plan. We make plans and we set goals but rarely do things ever work out. Instead we have huge right turns thrown at us financially or physically or mentally. Then we have to adjust and make new plans until the next curve ball comes and we have to adjust again.

Today I am thankful to God for second chances when things do not go according to plan. I am thankful that I get to re-adjust, and sometimes things work out better than I planned. That is a gift from God. I am also praying that this experience will be a gift and not an expense.

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