Who You Are

Lately one of the biggest discoveries I am making is about myself. This past week I was in a minister’s meeting and we were having an open discussion time. The other pastors were talking about politics and flavored soda water and about technologies and all things foreign to me. After that conversation I was reflecting on who I am as a pastor.

I am not into politics. I am not up on the latest technology. I don’t drink fancy drinks. Instead, I am into my Church. I love my family. I really enjoy sports. I drink Diet Coke and sweet Tea. I metal detect. I hunt and fish. I am what in some circles what would be called “a redneck.” I am not trying to be anything, this is just who I am.

As a pastor, I put most of my energy into preaching. I am naturally introverted, but I am trying to do better. I am very cheap. I don’t write many posts that are “7 Steps to …” or “8 leadership principles of …” I wear T-shirts most of the time. I am a simple man who loves the Lord and his people.

For years I have been running away from who I am to be something I thought I was supposed to be. Lately I am trying to embrace the real me as God created me and as he is recreating me in Christ Jesus. I think that one of the biggest journeys in life might be to the place where we are comfortable being who we really are.

May God help me to be who I am. May God grant you the ability to find that too.

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