Real Leadership

All of my children are very active in sports. They really enjoy playing football and especially basketball. The longer they are involved with sports, and as they start to get into high school sports, the more they hear about the need for leadership. Their coaches are constantly talking about how their teams are in need of leaders and leadership.

The problem comes when they try to define a quality leader. The coaches seem to convey to my children that leadership is about what you say. One coach really applauds a boy who likes to shout cheers and is loud and overly vocal. Another coach allows an older student to lecture the younger players. He allows him to give speeches and talk about what other players should do.

This is a problem for me because I believe real leadership is about your actions. A real leader makes the plays. A real leader makes the players around him better. A real leader stands up for a weaker player. To me a real leader does the right thing.

I do believe that there is a vocal aspect to leadership, but you only speak after your actions have proven you to be a leader. A leader expresses himself in his words but his actions are what makes him a leader.

I have to agree with the coaches, our teens are definitely in need of some leaders. I just hope they are really leaders.

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