Marriage and the Internet

We live in an incredible age. If you need to know how to do something then all you need to do it “Google” it. With a few simple key strokes you have access on everything from computer repairs to automobile restoration. Just this week alone I have used this incredible tool to access info on a computer error message, investigate a hotel and connect with an old friend’s blog.

I say all of that and everyone would quickly agree, but we have even taken the internet into the realm of our relationships. If the number one way people find my blog is through searching for the Kilchers (see earlier posts), then the number two way is through searching information about marriage. In fact, my articles and links on marriage issues are read almost everyday.

While all this technology is wonderful because it gives us access to so much information, the same basic problem exists. The real problem is not information but action. I recently had a lady who had searched the internet on marriage and she had run across several descriptions of what a marriage should be like. She read me an article that was very well written and articulate about the essence of marital love. The problems in her marriage were then presented to her husband. Now they both had some accurate information on what real love looks like in a marriage and how they were missing the boat. Here is the sad part of the story. Neither of them have done much to change their marriage in light of this new information.

With the internet I can randomly watch videos on how to build knives and think, “I should do that someday.” Then I read about marriage and think, “I should do that some day.”

So today, I am not providing you with any new information. I am challenging you to go and do one thing you already know. Tell your spouse you love them, buy them a little gift, kiss them passionately, hold their hand, write them a love letter, take them out to eat, listen to their boring old stories, etc. etc. etc.

Having a great marriage has nothing to do with having all the right information it is about doing the right thing repeatedly.

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