The Pastor Look

I am preparing a sermon for this Sunday on King David and King Saul. The series of sermons I am preaching is focused on the relationships that believers have with other people. This week is about how David related to Saul. There is this interesting contrast between David and Saul in the Bible. Initially Saul looked like a man who should be king. Scripture tells us that he was a head taller than everyone else. I am sure he was a large man with big muscles. He looked like a king.

David is the exact opposite. Initially he is a small shepherd boy. He does not look tough and probably lacks much muscle. He does not look like a king. And yet, the scripture affirms that David is the better king because his heart was right with God.

I mention this because of a contrast I see in my life and ministry. For one year I subscribed to “Outreach” Magazine. It seems that on almost every page there is some pastor’s head shot. There are hundreds of pictures in each magazine of different pastors who have written articles or books. Some of the pictures are straight on shots while others are at an angle. Some of them have the pastor drinking coffee while in others they are holding their chin. Some of the pictures are casual dress and others are suit and tie. Page after page of pictures of pastors who have “the look.” They look like pastors with the appropriate haircut, facial hair and wardrobe.

I wondered, when did we become so enamored with the pastor’s picture? When did the exterior become more important than the soul of a man? It appears from scripture that man has always been trying to get the guy with the right look for the right position.

For me, every morning I have to look in the mirror and remind myself that God looks at the heart. Everyday I need to spend more time working on my soul than my body. And everyday I have to ask God to use me even though I do not look much like a pastor. Some days I have to remind myself that the grace of God qualifies me as a servant of God and not how I look – praise Jesus!

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