In the Moment

Several years ago I heard a preacher talk about “being fully present.” It is a simple idea for us to grasp. Take time to focus your attention on where you are and what you are doing rather than trying to accomplish numerous things at once. We live in the world of the multitask person and the preacher challenged Christians to be single task people.

I was reminded of this idea at the marriage conference this past Saturday. I was there to learn about marriage and hopefully become a better husband. That was my single focus. While I was listening I did begin to notice a couple of people near me. (It was hard to miss them.) They were checking their phones constantly, running out for a break immediately and then returning late, and apparently distracted by all kinds of issues they needed to handle.

All this made me wonder if the real problem in many of our lives is that we are too distracted. We do not focus our attention on our spouse when we are with them. We do not focus on the children when they are talking. Possibly we do not focus on God when we are trying to worship. Perhaps our relationships would all improve if we just tried to focus on who is at hand.

I don’t know how much some people learned at the conference, with all the distractions they had going on. I know learned a lot from the speaker but I also learned by watching them.

Lord, help me to be more fully present with my life. Help all of us.


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