God of the Variables

There are dozens of variables that make up the big decisions of our lives. You have to be in the right place at the right time and have the right door open up. Then you have to see it and seize it.

I am often so amazed when I hear the stories of people’s lives. I hear stories like: “And then this job opened up” and “I met the most amazing person” and “I stumbled across this website.” Do you have a story like that? If you were to tell a non-Christian they would say: “you always were lucky.” They often refer to it as luck or fate or destiny. Well, I do not believe in any of those things. I believe in a God who often puts together the variables in my life.

Some people are looking for God to bring a miracle into their lives. They want some type of huge, dynamic event to alter their lives and reaffirm their faith. Lately I am looking more at the smaller details of my life. Often the events and circumstances of my life are altered by seemingly minor incidents that I didn’t even notice at the time. Now I look back and see God’s hand putting together a series of small events to help me move the right direction.

Maybe this is only me? As I talk to Christians I am more and more convinced that God’s work is done in small ways that I might not even notice. Quite possibly, neither have you?

2 thoughts on “God of the Variables

  1. Just yesterday my grandson called to discuss an important issue he is presently facing that will require some decisions that ultimately will effect his remaining years in college and his future as well. Decisions that only he can make. My advice to him was to ask God for direction, by reading His word (Psalm), praying and listening. Don’t rush into anything. God opens and closes doors that we do not realize often times until after the event. So, be mindful of what is taking place around you and look for the little things that point you in the direction that is Godly and in your best interest.

  2. People often waste their lives as i did for a time waiting for God to show me with all kinds of bells and whistles what His will for me was. Then one day it hit me, the story Jesus is ask what is the greatest commandment and He states Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and spirit, and adds and your neighbor as yourself. This is the greatest command. This also is God’s will for us He wants us to love and others. If we do that correctly we become free to do what we love within the above command. What freedom 🙂

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