Neglecting the Small Stuff

I believe that God uses many small things to direct our lives. I also believe the opposite to be true. Neglecting the small stuff in our lives can lead us away from God.

When I talk to people who have drifted away from God or at least from the Church I often find similarities. The biggest thing that I hear is that a series of small steps started them on their journey. First they quit reading the Bible regularly, next they quit praying, soon their Church attendance was irregular and finally they haven’t thought about God for a long time.

I hear the same things in many relationships that fail. They quit doing the little things for each other. The husband stopped opening the door, the wife stopped speaking nicely about her husband and they both quit going out on dates. Day by day, small decision by small decision the couple drifts apart. The friendship grows distant and their lives separate.

You can apply this thinking to numerous areas of life. If you begin neglecting the seemingly small things soon you will begin neglecting the big things. That little white lie might be a slippery slope. That little flirt might be a step down a dark path. That little event may be the first part of a big move in the wrong direction. Once again I do not think we will see this truth until we look back on our lives.

If this is true we need to refocus on all those little decisions that make us who we are today. We need to do the right thing in the moment no matter how small it seems. We need to develop strong boundaries. Say the words that need said. Tell the truth. Don’t skip that time. Flee temptation. Live for God even in the smallest details and the big issues might never come your way.

One thought on “Neglecting the Small Stuff

  1. And sometimes it’s a big thing that moves you out of church. My time away has not taken away form God but has enabled me to focus and become closer to Him, although the fellowship is missed.

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