Different Types of Men

I recently read an article that one set of men’s lesson material is getting an update. It is material directed specifically at men, their needs and their style. Their new video format has three teachers in a “man cave” drinking coffee and sharing their thoughts on God. It is a welcome change for many, but I fear it is not for everyone.

Lately I have come to the very clear realization that there are numerous types of men. The programs that a Church offers need to remember this each week. There are men who are senior citizens, there are business professionals, there are suburban landscapers, there are coffee shop men and there are rednecks. Just look around and you will see it everywhere you go. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who denies this simple truth.

The problem is when the Church thinks that it is going to reach and connect with all men the same way. A men’s prayer breakfast is great for some. A coffee-house setting will work with others. A father son event may work for others. And something else may work for another group. Honestly, I think that is the appeal of Duck Dynasty. It is not a group of coffee sipping yuppies, but rednecks who enjoy life like “good old boys,” and for some men that has enormous appeal.

I say all of this because I want to see men who come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I want men’s lives to be transformed by he gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. I want to see men changed by God and for God. The problem is that I connect and lead people best who are like me. While searching for my new job I had the opportunity to do 9 interviews. I told one Church that I am more of a “redneck” than a tie wearing pastor. They seemed perplexed and confused by that statement and asked me to clarify. I told them I would rather hunt and fish with men in the Church than sip a cappuccino and listen to their problems. While I am not sure they understood, they knew they didn’t want to offer me the job. I am okay with that. This is who I am. One of the biggest compliments I have had since I announced that I was leaving was from a man who said he enjoyed coming to church because I was a “real man.” I know what he meant, I am just an ordinary guy like him who loves the Lord.

So – Men. What kind of man are you? Find other men like you who can be a good role model. Also find some younger man with similar interests and pour your life into them.

And Ladies – What kind of man is your husband? Your son? Do not worry if some groups do not appeal to your husband or your son. Try to find one that does. A Duck Dynasty event may appeal more than a coffee-house for them, but maybe the opposite is true.

The Church is a collection of very different people and we need to be careful not to lump all the men together. It has the potential to do more harm than good.

One thought on “Different Types of Men

  1. I am a man who does my best to meet people where they are and as a friend lead them to where they want to be. The thing I like most is to talk about what the Lord can and will do for us if we make up our mind to follow His ways.

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