Moving On Verses Staying Behind

My family is looking forward to the future of our lives and ministry in Missouri. This is true because we are moving on. We will have new experiences, meet new people and see new things. For us the future is unknown and that holds a great deal of excitement. We have apprehension but mostly are filled with anticipation.

My conversations with people here are full of sadness and loss. This is true because they are staying behind. They know how things work and they know the people and places. They see life as normal minus us.

Yesterday while having a conversation about one of his friends this became very clear to me. My son is excited about moving and his friend is sad because he is leaving. As he told me the story I started thinking about death and heaven.

I hate the idea of people I love passing from this life. It will hurt. It does hurt.

But for people of faith, we believe that death is just moving on to the next life. There will be a new heaven and a new earth in our future. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and we are full of anticipation.

How you view the end of life depends on your position. Are you the one moving on or the one staying behind? The difference is a matter of sorrow or joy.

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