Final Friday

Friday is usually my day off. I work to get my sermon, my Sunday school lesson and any additional duties done by Friday. Then I relax and enjoy the day. Well, this is my final Friday in Alaska and as pastor of Homer Christian Church. There is no Sunday school this week as we are having a fellowship time. My final sermon is done and ready to preach. There are still a couple of last-minute duties I need to tie up, but for the most part everything is finished.

This is the end of a 5 year and 1 week ministry here in Alaska. By my calculations this is what I have done in this ministry.

Preached 250 sermons.
Taught somewhere around 150-160 Sunday school lessons.
Given roughly 75 communion meditations.
Performed only 6 weddings and 1 funeral.
Led 5 Christmas Eve candlelight programs.
Taught one “college level” class at the local Bible Institute.
By the end of this Sunday I will have baptized 7 people including two of my children.
I have met with countless people for various reasons, offered numerous marriage counseling sessions, ate an unknown number of meals with people, and printed thousands of programs.

The flip side of this is always hard. There are people who refused to come to Church. There are people who did not accept Jesus as their Savior (yet). There was a lot of ministry that was not done. I always worry about the items left undone when I leave a ministry.

These factors make an ending bitter-sweet. There was more to do for God, but He has allowed me to be a part of so much. I thank God for the time I have spent in Homer and the ministry he has allowed me to be a part of each week.

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