More Personal Info

I am amazed at how many people have responded to my post last week about myself. My favorite comment was that it helped people to know me outside of being a preacher and church leader. So I thought I would share a few more things today that are my favorites. Maybe not as thought-provoking as last week but still revealing.

Favorite Food
5. Pizza (tie for favorites)
4. Fried Fish
3. Thick juicy hamburger
2. Crab legs
1. Grilled Ribeye Steak

Favorite Dessert
5. A second helping of the main dish
4. Cheese Cake
3. Chocolate Milk Shake
2. Chocolate Silk Pie
1. Fudgy Brownies (absolutely no nuts)

Favorite Hobbies
5. Watching Movies
4. Hunting
3. Metal Detecting
2. Fishing
1. Watching my boys play sports

Biggest Fears
5. Personal financial collapse
4. Sight of blood and guts
3. Spiders and Snakes
2. Something bad happening to my family
1. Bridges – Especially narrow, high bridges

Unique Things You Might Never Guess About Me
5. I like to enter sweepstakes
4. I have gone dumpster diving and trash digging for items I own
3. I obsessively claim free stuff offered almost anywhere (I have a bunch of free gifts from Marlboro:-)
2. I enjoy thrift shopping
1. I collect and redeem reward points of all kinds – credit card points / coke rewards / Kellogg’s rewards / etc.

Once again, I hope these reveal a little about me – and not in a bad way. I live a very cheap life so that I have money to enjoy doing and eating the things that I love.

That is really all I have to share about me for a while, unless you have a special request of something thing to know about me. Thanks for reading. And thanks for letting me be your blogger and possibly your pastor.


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