Desire is not the problem

My friend Justin Davis over at Refine Us ministries posted this today. (It sounds very much like my sermon last Sunday)

In December 2013, I set a goal to lose 40 pounds in 2014. (It was the third year in a row that I had set this goal, but don’t judge me.)

My goal seemed well thought out. It was measurable, it was attainable, and it had a timetable.

What I didn’t have was a plan.

I didn’t have a workout strategy or gym schedule. I didn’t have someone lined up to work out with. I had no meal plan or diet. I had great intentions, but no intentional plan to make my goal a reality.

Easter Sunday we had our picture taken as a family. I looked at that picture and realized I was heavier than I’d ever been. Despite my good intentions, I hadn’t lost a pound.

Within a week I came up with a weight loss plan and as of today, I’ve lost 36 of my 40-pound goal.

Most couples I know have great intentions of improving their marriage relationship. They want to communicate better with their spouse. They want to resolve conflict in a healthy way. They want to improve the sexual intimacy aspect of their relationship.

Desire isn’t the problem…

One thought on “Desire is not the problem

  1. Wow…I have plenty of desire…but no plan….my plans are changing daily….and with Gods help I feel like I’m getting closer to a plan…still needing lots of prayer!!!
    It seems like the closer I’m getting the more satan is battling with me… But my Gods stronger and I REFUSE to give up…my gods in control.

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